Skmei 1142 Men Sport LED Digital Watch Water Resistance BLACK

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    đồng hồ đeo tay nam cao cấp SKMEI 1142 Men Sport LED Digital Watch Water Resistance Running Wristwatch

    Do you worry about water fogs the inner surface of the watch?
    Please don't worry about it since this SKMEI 1142 men sport led digital watch has fashion in design and good water resistance in characters.
    You can wear this watch to shower or swim as you like.
    Color: Black
    Case material: PC
    Clasp type: Pin Clasp
    Band Material Type: Rubber
    12 / 24-hour mode operation
    30 to 50 meters water resistance
    With El light chip, see the time in the darkness easily
    Ergonomic design with good hand feeling

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